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Recently I posted:
"Would it be possible to turn on and off on demand, a non-printing grid pattern to temporarily place over the page for reference?" "You would turn on the grid, place or move the entry in an exact position, then turn off the grid."

There were several positive responses.

I hope to see that feature in the future. In the meantime, I created two "rulers" in .PNG format that can be dragged onto a MuseScore page, sized and positioned as desired, and are useful for positioning various elements (especially various word entries). They can then be deleted from the page after use.

Attached are Horz. Rule.png and Vert. Rule.png. I hope they will be of use.

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Vert. Rule.png 36.15 KB
Horz. Rule.png 6.47 KB


It's always been a problem to align comments, extra lyrics, etc; this will certainly help a lot!
If I may, I think I would like to make them transparent, i.e. only a grid, not a grid with a white background...

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You said, "make them transparent, i.e. only a grid, not a grid with a white background..." Good comment.

I reached the same conclusion a few days ago. Attached are the revised ruler files. They are now “translucent” -- i.e., you know they are on the MuseScore page and it would be difficult to forget to remove them before saving the file. But you can still see the notes, rests, etc., under them.

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