Problem with FluidR3Mono: Orchestra Kit pitches 27 & 28

• Mar 10, 2016 - 02:51

In preset No. 128:048 (the Orchestra Kit percussion), the lowest two pitches that have sounds associated with them are 27/D# and 28/E. The sounds, from the "Orchestra" instrument, are supposed to be those of a closed hi-hat and a pedal hi-hat, respectively.

While they sound as expected in the "Orchestra" instrument, in the "Orchestra Kit" preset they are overlaid with a very loud, very different sound from the "Misc. Percussion" instrument, and thus MuseScore's playback is affected.

I understand the SoundFont is under Michael's custody, so I'd appreciate it if he could look at this.


Looking into it now :)

Indeed - the whole preset is a mess with some sounds missing and some conflicting with each other.

It will take some time to sort out as the whole preset will have to be remade, so I will need to allocate a day to it when I have one clear.

Thanks for spotting this Zack.

Progress report....

I have finished remaking the preset, but I now have to go through and adjust some of the envelopes to get the percussion instruments to behave properly.

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I will take a look at the timps again, but on my last revisit I decided the changes I had made to the envelopes were all that was required to get it to sound better.

Sorry for the long silence btw - I have spent the last week suffering from a bad case of lurgy, causing my brain to function like cottonwool :)

That is not good when trying to edit soundfonts!

Next week is Holy Week, so church commitments will mean I won't get a lot done - so expect something the week after :)

Assuming MuseScore 2.0.3 is still on the "when it's ready" list, We should get the changes in OK.

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