is it possible?

• Mar 12, 2016 - 14:51

Is it possible to write the notes in the picture? I couln't put bass clef sing in to the right place. If it is possbile, can u describe how to do it.

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...drag and drop from the palette.

Make sure the note you want it before highlights blue before you drop it.

-open the clefs palette
-hover over the F-clef and left click(hold mouse button)
-hover over the f(note) you want the clef attached to(make sure it turns blue)
-relaese mouse button

That should do the trick :)

Yes it's possible, it's called "cross-staff beaming". See:

Edit: You're actually asking something a bit more complicated than I thought at first. The problem is how to make those clefs appear on the top staff instead of the lower one. To do this you'll need to add some rests to voice 2 and apply the clef to one of those. You can then make the rests invisible via the Inspector.
I've attached the file I used to create this image so you can see how it works and copy the notes into your own score.

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Cross-staff-beaming-with-clefs.mscz 5.62 KB

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