Bass Drum & Snare Drum Parts Connected

• Mar 12, 2016 - 19:43

I've been reading the Handbook trying to figure this out for the past hour or so.

I'm writing in 4/4 and the Snare is a dotted 1/8 followed by the Bass Drum playing the final 1/16th of the beat.

I want those 2 notes to have their stems connected by a single beam.

Is there a simple way to input this?




I found a way to get what I was looking for. Although it may not be the best method.

1) I create the entire rhythmic figure as a Snare Drum (SD) part (voice 1).

2) I go back to the notes that should be on the BD and, holding the Shift Key, add them on the BD (voice 2).

3) I then go back and click on the note heads that are duplicates of the BD part on the SD line and delete them.

I guess probably you are using one of the default templates in which the snare drum and bass drum are in different voices - snare in voice 1 (stem up) and bass drum in voice 2 (stem down)? If so, see the Handbook under "Drum notation" to learn how to customize your drum set to change the voice assignments to be more to your liking by default so you don't need to change them after the fact. If you need further help, please post the specific score you are having trouble with and explain more detail what you want to do.

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