the preferences can't show chinese word

• Mar 15, 2016 - 16:41

in preferences in I/O
the device can't show chinese word right
just with ???????????


Can you clarify what "can't input chinese and display chinese" means? Does that mean that when you press a key on your keyboard nothing shows up, or something else? Can you take a screenshot of what you see which clearly demonstrates the problem?

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Qt has nothing to do about it. It's portaudio which get the device names here…
Our conversion to QString is probably a bit too harsh and we assume UTF-8 and in this case it's not UTF-8... but how can we get the encoding of the string?
We could try with instead but I have no way to test.

I pushed it in this commit…

Please test with a nightly

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Nightly version was also OK with Japanese version Windows 10.

This problem has existed for a long time.
If I have the time, I was thinking trying to fix.
(I think that this problem should be fixed by PortAudio side originally. That is more better.)

Thank you, lasconic! Good work!

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showing chinese problem solved in nightly version
there are two way of inputing chinese
1. spell the sound of a word
2. spell the shape of a word
during the spelling, chinese people need to see the inputing process


but when typing chinese in musescore, the process of typing can't show
so i don't know what i am typing

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yes, it can work in ordinary software dialog
it can't showing "spelling of a word as gif (working in background without seeing)" in the editing space like text box, lyric box, etc.

typing in sound or shape of a word is a IME temp situation
many words have the same sound or shape
so we chinese need to pick a right word
and typing many words in a time in a temp situation
finally all words are right and key "Enter" for those words out of the temp situation and those words will output from the IME to the cursor

so musescore need to support chinese ime temp situation as the gif

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It seems to same in Japanese.

CJK device name is broken

Cannot entering CJK characters (not showing conversion window)

P1 and P2, is a completely different problem.
P1 is already fixed by lasconic's nightly version.

Another problem P2 is still remaining, slightly.

(sometimes or always) not showing conversion window during entering key.

After CJK string input, the string is not updated.
It is updated after "Press IM On/Off key" or "Press right arrow key".

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@knoike Thank you for breaking down the issue. Very helpful!

@hongdazhi the link to EasyIME is interesting, but we will need an implementation in Qt. So we'll look further to find help from a Qt developer who is expert in these matters. We'll come back to this issue as soon as we have some progress to share. Thank you for your patience.

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@hongdazhi Thanks for sharing that screenshot. This definitely helps us to understand how we can make a solution to this problem. Could you perhaps even create a screencast (small video)? I personally don't have Finale so this will help me to understand how this should work.

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I seem to be able to type just fine with PIME 0.16.1 release (Dec 17, 2016) installed from that github link:

Screenshot (205)_.png

You can see that the IME box displays correctly just below the cursor. This was an issue I fixed with…. I'm on Windows 10 x86-64, running MuseScore 2.1.0 release candidate fecf0a7, which includes that fix. Could you please try with the latest MuseScore 2.1 nightly and report back? (

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