Convert or export a midi file (Previously recorded) to a PDF file

• Mar 15, 2016 - 19:20

I am not sure if there is such. But my task is taking a recording (Midi file) made on a digital piano and convert it via Musescore to a PDF file or image. Is that douable at all?
if not does anyone know of competitive software that does it.

Thanks. Daniel

*As mentioned the file was previously recorded, therefore I do not want to replay it via the visual midi, but
simply as a midi file.


I am not really sure what you are asking. What is "the visual midi" that ou don't want? A piano roll? What is "simply as a midi file"?

If you are asking if you can play something and record it as a MIDI file then have it automatically translated to notation and then exported to PDF, the answer is yes you can do that, but the results won't be readable. You'll need to do a ton of manual editing on the generated notation to get something reaosnable. Liken it to asking "can I recite an entire novel into Siri and then have it automatically turned into a PDF file". You'll get something, sure, but probably not something you could use directly.

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Thank you for your reply.
The file I have was recorded on the digital piano as a midi file. Then I transfered the midi file to my computer, then with musescore I would like to translate it or more precisely convert it to PDF or IMAGE notation. I hope that clarifies my previous.
Not exact results is understood, but how to do it from this program is not understood.

Thanks. Daniel

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And you know about it already.
So, I guess just wait for it.
Nothing in the settings that could help.
Question: Since the piece is for string orchestra, will musescore translate it in the same order of division?

Thanks for your help today. Daniel

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It would be best if you attached the MIDI file in question so we can be sure you are seeing this known issue and that is not something else.

Also, do keep in mind what I wrote in my previosu response. sure, MuseScore can turn a MIDi file into notes, but the results will almost certainly be unreadable nonsense if you don't spend an awful lot of time editing it by hand. Trying to do an entire orchestra score that way would be like taking Siri into a movie theater with you and asking her to transcrobe the whole thing to a readable script...

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I am not sure what would be something else. I was just trying to "translate" the string ensemble version into a score. gave me first a percussion result (Apparently because I am using YAMAHA DGX).
Now I just tried the pre version of Musescore and the result was not bad, except that it did not do any division into the score just violin + the other voices. So, I have to figure out how to add the other instruments.
Thanks. Daniel

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As far as I can tell, this MIDI file contains only a single track. If you want this to be separate staves for different instruments, it would be better to actually create the MIDI file that way. There really is no single automatic way to turn an arbitrary track of music into separate staves. That's more something that requires human intervention, deciding which notes to assign to which instruments, etc. This is but one of the very many things that led me to say what I said before: MIDI is just just not suited for this sort of thing. Better to compose directly into MuseScore, deciding as you go what notes to give what instruments, etc.

Hi Mark,
and that make sense, different tracks "might" work better in this case. It is apparently a technology that is still miles away to develop.
Entering music into Musescore will require a lot of reading and practice for someone new like me.
But I wanted to mention that I have imported yesterday the midi file into a program called Audacity
I was not able to go far with details, but there was some visual advantage to doing so. it breaks down every note separately and thus verifying accuracy, maybe it even has a feature to "translate" the Midi into notes, but I was not able to get there.
Thank you for the education, when I am able and find the time to work on the score, I will contact you for opinion.


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