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• Mar 19, 2016 - 03:57
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Hello, i have had some bad issues with dynamics not working, this includes crescendos, and decrescendos.

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in that picture the bass clarinet and alto sax. are supposed to swell up and then fade out. however, they don't. they play the notes normally and completely disregard the dynamics.

this is most likely something that im doing wrong, but i feel that if it is a bug, it is a pretty major one.
GIT commit: f51dc11

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I have observed that crescendo / diminuendi do not occur in a single note. Rather they are executed stepwise between the notes. So in your second measure you'd have the dynamic set before (not visible here), then you'd get a step up to ff. The second minim in that measure would be somewhat louder and the four tied notes would be fff throughout. There would not be any diminuendo because a tied note is one note.

So it is expected that you don't hear the diminuendo at the end, but traces of the crescendo ought to be detectable. But of course the final diminuendo is the strongest effect you have on there (I suspect you start forte).

In order to get the diminuendo I'd experimentally remove the ties and put slurs in instead. Then you should get it to go down a notch for every new measure. I'd also recommend to set the level at the end of the hairpin by adding a piano marking to the last note to tell the system how far down you want it to go. You can make that marking invisible if you don't like to see it there in printouts.

thank you for replying, in the score i just attached i have placed a few random dynamics throughout the score. going from FFF to PPP and still no dynamic change. if you observe a difference that i cant hear, then ill just reinstall musescore, and go from there.

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Just looking at the first 7 measures:
* dynamics are sometimes attached to the bottom staff, sometimes to the top staff, make sure you have them on the correct staff!
* dynamics are sometimes attached to the start of the measure, while they are displayed under a note further down in the measure: again, make sure you've attached the dynamics to the correct note!
* All your notes have an explicit specific volume/velocity setting of 80, overriding whatever dynamics you attach to the staff.

1. Select all notes (Ctrl-A, then in the bottom of the inspector click on 'Notes')
2. Just below the play checkbox, there is a dropdown for velocity type and a velocity numeric input field, press the reset arrows button to the right of them

If you now attach your dynamics to the correct positions (watch the snapping of the handle if you drag with the mouse) then they do play back correctly.

In the future, it would be better to ask these kind of questions in the forum first. If it turns out to be a genuine bug in MuseScore, only then open a bug report.