incorrectly "remember" prior length of segment when toggling mm-rests and changing barline type

• Mar 19, 2016 - 05:22

Starting with double barline at end of second measure of empty score: multi-measure-rest_start-double-barline.png if then toggle mm rests, then the everything's ok: multi-measure-rest_2-toggle-mm-rest.png But if then untoggle mm rests, and change the double barline to a double-repeat: multi-measure-rest_3-untoggle-mm-rest-and-change-to-double-repeat-barline.png Then when retoggle mmrests, the line is too long: multi-measure-rest_4-retoggle-mm-rest-line-too-long.png Now if untoggle mmrests and switch back to double barline: multi-measure-rest_5-untoggle-mm-rest-and-put-double-barline.png then when retoogle mm-rests, the line is now too-short: multi-measure-rest_6-retoggle-mm-rest-line-too-short.png again as if it is reuing the same lenght as before. But whenever I retoggle mm-rests twice, that always "corrects" the length: multi-measure-rest_7-untoggle-retoggle-again-fix.png

Note that the erroneous length still persists if I export to pdf: multi-measure-rest_4-retoggle-mm-rest-line-too-long.pdf

It is almost as if the prior length of the segment is being "remembered" for calculating the layout of the mm-rest during measure layout, even though that length changes in layoutsystem.

Also note that keysignatures will cause this issue as well...maybe also anything that adds offset to a barline like time signatures as well. It seems to always be the measure after the mm-rest which is laid-out incorrectly, not the measure before.

on 176a6d7 arch linux x86-64