Upright/double bass soundfont

• Mar 19, 2016 - 10:25

Hi all, new on the forum
I am looking for a nice sf2 upright bass sample, i have heard of "OptimalUprightBass" being a good one but nowhere to be found on the net.
Otherwise, any idea about an other "decent" one ?
(I already have the ones included in the gm banks mentioned in the forum).
Thanks in advance.


Karyofarer's Meatbass is a decent one for classical and jazz, it is a real sampled double bass, arco, pizzicato and effects. The biggest downside is that a few of the samples have a bit of an inconsistent tone. It comes in SFZ, not SF2 meaning that some of the features will not work on MuseScore. Here's the link:

If you are looking for a strictly classical sound, then Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra has a great sounding bass ensemble (8 basses I believe), both arco and pizzicato. The biggest downside is that it only has an ensemble patch, no solo patch. Sonatina is also an entire orchestral bank, so you will have to download a ton of instruments, only for the double bass. The instruments are excellent, so you will likely end up using it for more than the basses. Here's the link to the SF2 version:

If you're looking for jazz pizzicato, PatchArena's Double Bass Pizzicato is very good. It's also a sampled real instrument. The biggest downside to this one is that it is only pizzicato. However, just like Meatbass, it comes in SFZ format so it's features are limited in MuseScore. Here's the link:

EDIT: these are all completely free. There are better sounding basses in commercial libraries, but they are not compatible at all with MuseScore.

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Thanks for your input, i only checked meatbass but i am looking for something softer, something more "gentle ballad jazz trio" upright bass kind of sound.

Thanks also for the SSO, though i am not stricly speaking into classical music, i grabbed (using "sf2 splitter") a few sounds in there that are better than the ones i had.

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