Musesore 1.0 - Mac Version is creating unnecessary tie notes

• Apr 17, 2011 - 16:15

Hi All,

I jus downloaded Musecore 1.0 (mac version ) and I wrote my first score in it... But unfortunately Musescore is creating Tie notes after the fourth bar , 4/4 common signature... The first four bars are correct.. but in the fifth bar a crotchet and three quavers are present .. (1 crotchet is 1count + 3 quavers 1.5 counts = 2.5 counts .. m unable to add remaining 1.5 counts within the fifth bar... ) can someone help me pls.... sort this issue.. I will be writing the bass clef notes once the issue gets sorted...

Please have a look at the score attached 5th and 8th bar,,,,

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You have accidentally dragged some rests from bar 5 into bar 9 (quarter) and 10 (eighth). Drag the quarter rest (overtop of the one in bar 9) back between the first quarter and first eighth in bar 5 and drag the eighth rest from bar 10 back to bar 5 between the 3'rd last and last eighth notes.

It's very easy to make these mistakes. I've lost note stems before because you can grab and move them, and flags, etc. It can make things very confusing.

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Ah, I always wondered what "reset positions" did! I manually dragged the rests back, once I noticed where they were. I thought bar 5 was hopelessly corrupted.

I would consider the ability to drag a rest from its default location to anywhere on the score a bug. Just like dragging a note stem or flag, they are easy to lose. The rest should remain within the system and measure it was placed in. The flag and note stem should not be moveable at all, unless someone knows the reason they are moveable.

[ Edit ] - I would also mention that the "Reset Position" should be on the drop-down menu so you can right-click on the rest and be able to choose the reset option.

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