Stem and beam detaches from note head

• Mar 25, 2011 - 12:57
S4 - Minor

1. Drag-select all the notes in the attached score.
2. Whilst holding down Apple (or equivalent), click on any note head and drag it somewhere.

Expected result: The note head, stem and beam all move accordingly.
Actual result: The stems and beam detach from the note head (image ).

People have additionally reported about accidentally grabbing the stem itself.

Using MuseScore 1.0 and Mac 10.4.11. In 2.0 nightly build (4122), only the stem detaches.

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The stem does not detach if you try to drag it. However, if you drag the flag (no crash now), the stem detaches vertically (slightly) and becomes infinitely long.

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4233) - Mac 10.4.11.

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I also saw th infinite len stem once but have no idea on how to reproduce it.
In latest versions (>= 22.5.) its not possible anymore to drag the note flag (hook), so i cannot reproduce
this bug.

Status (old) active fixed

The problem occours when moving beams which should not be possible.
Moving of beams is disabled in r4241.
Moving of hooks was disabled at 22.may (from ChangeLog, i dont have the revision number)