Importing a score to LibreOffice

• Mar 28, 2016 - 10:20

I have installed the musescore extension in Libreoffice.

I have tried to import a musescorefile with more than one page to libre office. Libreoffice show only the first page of the score. What is the way, to show the other pages in Libreoffice


As far as I know, the LibreOffice extension, called MuseScore Example manager, is only supposed to work on one page score. Often only part of the page even. That's why it's called "Example" manager.

Correct - it's meant for short examples to be incorporated within the body of the text. To incorporate a whole score of several pages, just export the score normally - either as PNG files or as PDF - and import directly.

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Not really the thing I need, because I deed it in this way all years before.

If you want to write your own educational text. For exampel about 100 pages. Many pages only notesheets and you want to change the notesheets. You to import again the pdfs. I have done this all the years before. Not very comfortable. More automatism would be nice.

Or a import from wordfiles into musescore.

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Yes, a way to handle multi-page examples would be nice. As I said, the intended use case is an educational text that is mostly words, with just small examples here and there. Hadnling larger examples some day does make sense. There isn't really a good way to track feature requests for that extension, but maybe you could leave it a s a comment or something on the page for the extension on the Libreoffice site?

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BTW importing PDF from Musescore and Lilypond to Libreoffice Writer does not work. The notes are shown as funny signs.

I created in three ways (Musescore Export, FoxitPDFPrinter, FreePDF) the pdf of MuseScore. It does not fit. Opening with Libreoffice Draw same bad result.

FunFact 1: PDFs of the commercial Scorewriters are working.
FunFact 2: Microsoft Word render the musescore pdf correct, but only one page.

OpenSource the freedom, which does not work.

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About SVGs:
You can export your score to SVG image format and import that into LibreOffice (=LO).
If you want to split the multipage SVG from Musescore into multiple single page SVG-files you can use the
Musescore SVG Splitter from the SVG-Tools:

About PDFs:
True importing of PDFs into LO really doesn't give usable results.

But there is another way: Merging Score-PDFs into a LO-exported PDF. So while working in LO you don't see the content of the PDF but only a placeholder. When you export to PDF The score-PDF gets merged in.
This requires the external commandline tool PDFtk installed and the LibreOffice document that you get here:
LibreOfficeSongbookArchitect (LOSA)

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