poor performance when the measure is very large

• Mar 28, 2016 - 15:44

musescore has poor performance when the measure is very large
i have a 900 measures song
the performance is really poor when editing any thing

the same file is okay in finale
the file is eport from the file in finale and many things was deleted

my cpu is intel core due 2.0g, ram 3g


MuseScore currently lays out the entire score after every edit. Work is being done so that with a future version of MuseScore, when you make a change, only the page(s) on which the change is made will be re-rendered, and the rest of the score will be left alone, which should solve this problem. Watch for a post about this in the coming days.

I'm attaching the file here for future reference in case the musescore.com link changes.

Attachment Size
You_Xi_Yin_1100.mscz 142.74 KB

Meanwhile there are a few things you can do to help. One is not use the Navigator - that is basically asking MsueScore to lay out the score *twice* on every update. Another is not generate linked parts until you are finished editing - parts also basically doubles the work of layout. I think also Continuousview tends to be less efficient than page, although there might be other variables involved there.

Consider breaking large scores into separate pieces while working on them and using the Album feature to combine then when done.

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