Key Signature icons do not match

• Mar 31, 2016 - 13:08
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
by design


I have version 2.0.2-3 (3543170).
When selecting a key signature, the one corresponding to the icon below is added, for example, choosing a single F sharp yields three sharps (F, C and G), and choosing the cross, which I guess is "remove all" yields F sharp.
I have no experience with UIs, but I think that some sort of index is displaced.



I guess on some Linux? On one where the commit number doesn't match...
(3543170 is from 2013, way older than 2.0.2)
and the -3 doesn't make sense to us here at MuseScore either.

I further guess you're having a score with just one instrument, and that instrument is a transposing one. If so this is by design. You can use the 'concert pitch' button to check whether it changes the keysig to verify.

the cross is for 'no key signature at all', so not even C-Major/a-minor

Status (old) needs info by design

Yup, all spot on.
Arch Linux, and a single B-flat Clarinet.

I guess I should set the "bug" to "by design". Also, I'll try to tell the package maintainer that the versions don't match.