Adding lyrics and Copy-Paste

• Apr 7, 2016 - 19:41

After the update, adding lyrics became a bit difficult. Musescore would randomly stop adding the lyrics I was typing and some of the notes would turn grey.
Edit: Backspace when typing lyrics doesn't work either.

While copying and pasting lyrics and notes at the same time, it would miss some notes or words. Also ignoring the dashes (-) when separating syllables in the lyrics under the notes.


In order to help, we'd need you to attach the score you are having problems with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Also say what OS you are on. Most likely there is just something about that specific score - like perhaps the notes you are working with re scattered among different voices - that prevents it from working as you might otherwise expect. It's unlikely to have anything to do wiht the update as there really weren't any changes in that part of the code that I can think of, and it all works fine for me.

Backsapce is for deleting characters in the current syllable, and that should work just fine. If you want to back up to the *previous* syllable, the shortcut is (and always has been) Shift+Space.

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I'm using Windows 7. I have made this kind of score before and I didn't have such problems with adding lyrics or copy-paste.

To make my life easier, I downloaded the score for voice and piano from the site and added the rest of the voices so that I wouldn't have to type the piano score note-by-note and instead just having to copy paste some of the voice melodies. At the start of the original score (piano and voice) I started by copying the first bar with voice ("something's up with Jack") on the soprano. Doing the same, copying from the voice to the alto didn't copy all the notes or the lyrics. Same thing happened to other voices later on.

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I have loaded your score. What precisely to I need to do in order to see a problem? I tried the following and it worked perfectly:

1) select measure 5 in Voice part
2) Ctrl+C to copy
3) select measure 5 in tenor part
4) Ctrl+V to paste

I also tried selecting measure in the alto part, pressing Delete to delete that measure, and repeating the above steps using alto instead of tenor at step 3. This also worked as expected.

I then tried again this time copying *all* measures from 5 up to the change to 4/4, again it worked as expected.

BTW, make sure you haven't disabled some elements from being included in selections via the Selection Filter (see View menu to display).

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