MuseScore Styles

• Apr 8, 2016 - 05:24

I was just wondering... are there any other graphic styles for MuseScore rather than Ellementaler, Gonville or Bravura? Is there a plugin for this, or any way to install or create one?


Emmentaler, Gonville, Bravura are the available musical fonts Emmentaler Text, Gonville Text, Bravura Text and MuseJazz are the available Musical tzext Fonts.
Jazzy and Jazzy Text await completion and addition to MuserScore.
There's no way a plugin could add more, these fonts are built into the source.

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There are also special fonts for figured bass and maybe some other things. But as far as basic score fonts that affect the overall look of everything, there are just the tthree: Emmentaler, Bravura, and Gonville.

If you are a font designer willing to contirbute work to MuseScore, you can indeed design your own music font, using any font editor you like, and then add the necessary metadata and compile this into MuseScore. The font needs to follow the SMuFL standard for music fonts, and include the basic set of glyphs that you can see in Emmentaler. Bravura is much larger; you don't need to provide all of those symbols.

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