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• Apr 9, 2016 - 17:45

I'm transcribing some songs for my choir and their formatting should be tight enough to fit into a small-ish book, but I'm having trouble with this one song. Automatically, it puts the last row on its own page, and I can't seem to make it fit onto the second page, as I would like to, no matter how hard I try to fiddle with the style options. I would also like to make the first page a bit more full (I'll attach a picture and the .mscz-file so you get the idea).

Is there any way to only edit the style of a single page at a time, so that the changes don't affect the rest of the pages? Or alternatively, do you know of any way I could make the systems fit on the pages as I want them to?

Thanks in advance

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To answer the question more directly - no, there are no controls to make different settings on different pages, but you don't need them, either. You just need to make the right settings. You have a couple of issues here. The main one is that your "Lyrics top margin" is set very large in Page / General / Style, causing all sorts of wasted space. Reducing this from 5.0sp back to the default of 3.0sp saves a ton of space and allows things to fit. You'd just need to add a little extra space to the first few systems, such as by using a spacer from the Beaks & Spacers palette, and also select the lyrics on those systems (eg, select the measures, right click a syllable, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection) then adjust the position with the Inspector. Or, as Jojo appears to have done, "cheat" and enter the lyrics for those systems in verse 2 instead of verse 1 to simultaneously move them lower and allocate more space.

Or you could simply reduce the staff size slightly (eg, from 1.764mm to 1.6mm in Layout / Page Settings), or select all and reduce stretch one notch (Layout / Decrease Stretch) to fit more measures per system. But even so, there is a lot of wasted space because of the large lyric top margin, and I think the score would look better if you took care of that problem in any case.

In addition to the helpful (and more elegant) suggestions already made, it may be easier in certain situations to remove the material causing the issue and make a new score just of it. Minor or universal differences in formatting could be had between the two scores (e.g., as here, to reach a particular total number of pages), and then PDFs of both be exported and joined in a new, single PDF, the joining thus resurrecting the original score. Of course, the new, Frankensteinesque score would exist only in PDF form, and editing it would require attacking two MSCZ scores (sorry, I couldn't resist extending the horror-story metaphor). But I offer the solution in the event it might on occasion save time and effort compared to the more computer-literate and programmatically-satisfying methods suggested by Messrs Schmitz and Sabatella.

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