Corruption present but no warning given until file re-saved

• Apr 14, 2016 - 17:53
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For some reason Musescore 2.03 under Windows creates a badly corrupted file when I remove an inline image that is at the top of the score. Attached is the original file and the file with the image removed and subsequently saved, with corruptions. I don't think Musescore should modify the measures if an image is removed.


As far as I can tell that score is *already* corrupt; you just aren't being warned about it for some reason. Measure 15 bottom staff has only two beats in it both before and after the image removal. Or am I missing something?

Was this score originally created in 2.0.3, or perhaps in an earlier version, or imported from another source (eg, MusicXML)? Any other clues as to how it got corrupted in the first place?

Title Musescore creates corrupted measures when image is removed Corruption present but no warning given until file re-saved

Deleting the image turns out to be a red herring. Just opening the file and resaving it puts the file in the same state. Again, the score is *already* corrupt, but you aren't being warned about it for some reaosn. I kind of suspect this corruption might have been created in 1.3 because I have seen similar behavior before, but would definitely like to know more about how the score got into this state.

FWIW, if you explicitly add a 2/4 to bar 15 in your original file, this seems to fix the problem. You can then save it with or without deleting the image, and the corruption is gone.

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Hi Marc, thanks for the workaround. I did indeed create the original file in Musescore 1.3. Adding a 2/4 time signature to measure 15 does indeed help with the original file. However if I add a 2/4 time signature to measure 15 in the above "without image" corrupted file, this now crashes Musescore. I realize this involves editing a corrupt file but I don't think Musescore is supposed to crash when editing corrupt files.

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Since the file has been created "somehow" and exists in the corrupted state, what would you expect in this case? Crash is one of the consequences of operating corrupted file. MuseScore shouldn't allow creating corrupted files, but operating on corrupted files guarantees nothing.

Think about the score file, opened with text writer and edited somehow. After that MuseScore needs to open the file and don't crash in any case? Okay, I agree, but not now.