Double time signatures

• Apr 15, 2016 - 08:51

I have encountered a score that I have to transcribe, which contains a double time signature at the beginning.
Here is what I mean -

How can I reproduce this in MuseScore ?
Is it even possible ?


Almost: right-click the timesig, timesig properties and replace the tests with 32 and 22 respectively. Space is now allowed for some reason, only Digits, +, (, ), and O.

i made this "by hand":
- i made a screenshot of a 2/2 signature
- insert it as picture
- shift the first notes some sp to the right.
- in second measure : properties measure to 2/2 effective

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I think the point is that this represents a 3/2 bar followed by a 2/2 and that this pattern repeats throughout the piece and that - currently - there is no "proper" way to do this. The best that I can come up with is to create a custom time signature ([Shift]t) of 5/2 and set the text to 3/2. Then add the 2/2 manually to the score. Now fill the piece with minim ("half"-note) rests. [Ctrl]-click on the 4th rest in each bar and then double-click on a barline in the Barlines palette. This will give 5/2 bars with a 3/2:2/2 split

The proper / common way to notate this is as 3+2/2, and you can enter than in time signature properties. It's really just a fancy way of writing 5/2, and I'd probably do it by creating the score as 5/2 then adding barlines manually. Or just notate it in 5/2, which is really how most people would do it these days.

Wow, didn't think that my question would give such a varied discussion.
Thanks Mark for your advice here.
Would this not change the rhythm here ?

Just done some tests.
Upon the definition of the score, it is not possible to enter 3+2 in the time signature panel, whilst it is possible in the time signature properties panel.

If I create the score as 3/2 and then edit the time signature to 3+2, the measures do not update to reflect this, ie 1st as 3, second as 2, third as 3, etc.

If I create the score as 3/2 and then edit the time signature to be 5/2, measures are still at only 3/2. Note that the panel on the left "Values", is always disabled, so I cannot change these values either.

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I create a score in 5/2 with the Time Signature properties modified to read "3/2". I added a 2/2 bar in front of the but made its actual time signature very short and hid the rest and barline - I just wanted the numbers "2/2". I then moved the 2/2/ and 3/2 to look similar to your source score. Then I filled the score with minim resets, [Ctrl]-clicked on each 4th rest and double-clicked on the barline in the Barlines palette. I then selected all those barlines (select all similar) and used Inspector to make them span both staves. The result is a series of 5/2 bars which look like 3/2, 2/2, 3/2, 2/2 etc. I think the barlines are important because it is easier to read than if they were all just "ordinary" 5/2 bars.

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Not sure what you mean but "would this not change the rhythm here". Doing what I suggested should work, if you are having problems, maybe post the actual score and explain what is going wrong for you?

Also not sure what you mean "it is not possible to enter 3+2 in the time signature panel" - it works fine for me. What goes wrong when you try? Again, posting the actual score and explaining the problem in more detail would help.

The method I described was to create the time signature as 5/2, not 3/2. If you create it as 3/2, you'd have to change the actual duration of every other measure to 2/2. The way I suggested, you don't mess with actual durations, you just manually add barlines between beats 3 & 4.

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When I stated "it is not possible to enter 3+2 in the time signature panel", I was talking about the panel present in the new score creation series of panels.

After looking more closely at the score (the first line was enough to fire off this discussion), I realise that it gives the following measures :
3/2, 2/2, 2/2
3/2, 2/2, 2/2
3/2, 2/2, 2/2
2/2, 2/2, 2/2, 2/2

It is headed as a 16th century melody, so I shouldn't expect too much I suppose.
So I will "bite the bullet" and do it all manually.

One thing this has made me realise is that the time signature palette has a fixed number of time signatures. Is it possible to edit the signatures that make up this palette (ie: add - remove) ?

Mis-posted above,

I'm not sure if this is the same issue, but my doubled time signatures only appeared in Continuous View, and corresponded to page breaks in Page View.

Not sure if there's an option to turn it off, but it seems to be putting a time change on the pickup of the previous page when a change happens on the first bar of a new page.

Aside: anyone know how to delete errant posts?

Re-Edit: Woot, found a way around the courtesy signatures.
Rt. Click on score, select Style, go to Page, and unselect all the courtesy options. You can re-enable them when you're ready to print, if needed.

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