[trunk] Converting pitched stave to tab may produce wrong fret numbers

• May 24, 2011 - 00:11
S4 - Minor

Entering Tab-numbers have shown me a big nitpick/bug :
you can't go above the 4th fret it jumps to the neyt higher string. thats definitly not logical and makes the tab editor useless.
Request : You can enter all notes on all frets on all strings.


The tablature feature in trunk is still not complete and to some extent experimental. Have you read the relevant handbook page ?

Does [Shift][Up] / [Shift][Down] work as described there?



yes i have read the handbook page.
it does function when you edit manually but adding some tab staff or transform to tab does not work at all here (except the 1st string)
I know it work in progress...
so feel free to delete that issue :)

Do you mind if I elaborate a little?

"transform to tab": do you mean that, if a pitched stave is changed into a TAB stave, the [Shift][Up] / [Shift][Down] keys do not work on it as expected? Am I correct?

"adding some tab staff": to "edit manually" a tab stave you before have to add it anyway; can you explain the difference?

"so feel free to delete that issue": no issue is deleted, ever! It is evident that either the code or the documentation (or both!) have problems here, so there is something to fix!

step by step:
The first thing that needs to be fixed is the pc's keyboard at work where i've written the first mail cause the left shift key doesn't work...not program related. That means shift+up and down key let the numbers go up to 18 or something you define in the edit string data, all ok :) (though the default fret number can be raised from 12 to 18...)
the second thing that is not so good and needs a fix or has to be revisited is when you transform a score to tab notation, there are no rules defined in wich fret the written notes are played so musescore uses (for the 6-2 string) the 1st-4th fret and then goes up to the next string. for example you can play an e' on the 1st string or 5th fret 2nd string or 3rd string 9th fret and so on. So because it depends on the notes played together (tone length,intervalls or chords) -> c'+e' =e' is played 1|0. h'+e'=e' is played 2|5 etc.
but that is not the issue i opened this thread so...thanx

Title (Trunk) Tab Editor doesn't allow to go above 4th fret on 6th-2th string!!! [trunk] Converting pitched stave to tab may produce wrong fret numbers

Thanks for the details. I have changed the issue title to reflect the new information.

In theory, the algorithm generating fret numbers from chords should produce the result you expect, at least in most cases. For instance, in the example you make, it should first assign h' to the first string (1/7) and then assign e' to the second (2/5) as the first string is already 'taken'.

As this does not seem to be the case, clearly something has to be fixed.

Thank you for pointing it out.


I tested exactly the example you quote: pitched stave with chord e' - h' converted to TAB stave and I get the numbers you expect: e' -> 2/5 and h' to 1/7. A screen shot is attached comparing the "before" and the "after" of the conversion from pitched to TAB stave.

Which trunk revision do you use? Can you confirm my findings or not?



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