Adding drum keys (a legend line to explain the rum notation)

• Apr 25, 2016 - 18:39


I am testing MuseScore to write drum notations. As there is no standard for the notation it is in my opinion very important to add the drum keys at the end of the last page in order to explain the Notation (see attached image as an example)
This is just a single line that contains all the used drum notes with an explanation.
Example: By now I have seen so many ways to note an open hihat. So each time you have to guess what to Play if there is no key.

Is it possible to add such a legend in MuseScore?
If i have to create it manually, how do I manage to enter different quater notes for each drum in one line without strokes (see attached Image)?

Thanks for an answer.

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Yes, manually would be the way to go - there would be no standardized format to automate. To combine measures into one - thus eliminating the barlines - see Edit / Measure / Join Selected Measures.

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thanks for the tip.
In each measure I added one note and combined the measures to a big one.
In this combined measure I see some unknown symbols and some breaks. I could delete the unknown rectangles, but it is not possible to remove the breaks (see screenshot, there they are highlighted with blue color).
A work around would be to set each break invisible. But is there a better way to remove them?

Thank you

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By "breaks" do you mean "rests"? Deleting a rest doens't make musical sense; what you presumably really want to do is move some subsequent note earlier. So do that directly, using cut and paste.

But better to not create that situation in the first place. Don't enter the notes one per measure then try to fix things up later - that's many time more work. If you want the notes on every beat, just enter them that way in the first place. Then there is nothing to fix up later.

I guess maybe you are using all those rests to space the notes out better. In which case, cut and paste would defeat the purpose anyhow, so making the rests invisible might actually be the best solution. Although if you only put as many notes on the line as you want, they will autoamtically stretch to fill the line, so the effect will be the same either way.

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