Neutral-Sharps and Neutral-Flats

• Apr 25, 2016 - 21:38

This is something that I've seen in plenty of sheet music, but I'm not entirely sure if it's still notation used today. In a score with a key signature outside of C major / A minor, whenever the sheet uses a double-sharp or double-flat and then a single-sharp or single-flat of the same note in the same measure, it is notated by placing a neutral followed by the accidental. So, a sharp note would have both a neutral and sharp accidental in front of it, and same with flats. So, is it possible to do this in Musescore? If not, then I'd simply request them as either a style setting or just their own accidental. I've seen this notation used from Rachmaninov to Beethoven, so I know it's not uncommon.


The symbols are available in the Master Palette but they do not change the note's pitch like a "real" accidental. A workaround is to copy a natural symbol from the Master Palette onto the score and then [Ctlr][Shift]drag this natural symbol to your accidentals palette. Now you can alter the note pitch by placing a "real" accidental and make it look the way you want it by placing a functionless natural symbol in front of it.

It *does* seem liek the sort of thing that ultimate could be added to the main accidental palette, or even handled automatically via a style option. Feel free to submit a formal feature request via the issue tracker.

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