repeats inside a "D.S. al fine" are repeated only the first time

• Feb 24, 2009 - 14:13

Having a repeat between an Segno and the "D.S. al fine" repeats correctly the first time going through.
After jumping to the Segno, the repeats are played only once (and not repeated).
Is there a way to have the repeat played repeated on both ways through?

An example is added.

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repeat-test.mscz 2.33 KB


Futher tests gave: after a jump (D.S. or D.C. in variants) there is no more repeat, regardless if already played or not.
Is that the normal behaviour?

This is not the common practice for the Choro music style. In Brazil, for this kind of music, the first volta is repeated after a D.S. It would be great if MuseScore was a bit more flexible in allowing us to specify which behavior should be followed by the player.

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