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• Apr 26, 2016 - 12:48


I am working a lot with musescore and one of the things i do not like is how customizing the score layout works. In a dialog window you can adjust many different settings. But i have to click apply and drag the window to the side to see the result which cost a lot of time when trying to find the best settings. It would be very handy if the Style settings are displayed in a side panel (like the inspector) and if it auto apply.

In my opinoin a side panel works much faster and clicking apply over en over to see the result is slowing me down. The current dialog window is always positioned over the score so it covers the result. What do you guys think about this?

Philip Bergwerf


I agree that could be useful, although I'm not sure what style settings you are needing to play with - it should be relatively uncommon to do that sort of trial & error. FWIW, the current nightly builds from master have the settings applied immediately - the Apply button is gone. Not sure that's an improvement, but it's different.

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Well especially the Style>Page tab should be great in a panel. And it is not hard to make a panel from it right? The 'edit style' window can perfectly fit in a panel i think. Well i think almost every setting in the style window is common to use. When i made a little pianopiece i try always to fit it on one page without making the staff spacing to small. In that case it can be usefull to modify some settings in the 'Measure' tab. I just think it works faster if the complete style window is in a panel because i can directly review the changes and i dont have to again change the value and than again click the apply button. Could be a great timesaver. It's like working by hand. You don't want to grab your eraser or ruler from your desk drawer when you need it but the tools you need are always next to your paper. And opening a dialog window feels like rummage in my desk drawer to me.

Cheers, Philip

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