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• Apr 26, 2016 - 23:06

Hello everyone!

I made a background for Musescore. I didn't like the standart backgrounds/wallpapers in musescore so i made a background wallpaper which fits to the musescore design. Its free to use, enjoy it! And maybe it can be added to the standart wallpapers? Made with 'paint.net 4.0.9' a free paint program.

Philip Bergwerf

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Check this post, a good paper texture i think.


And i made a very light paper texture which has also a very subtle color diference like standart 80 gram a4-copy paper. And of course free to use for everyone;-) I my opinion this texture makes a more natural look than just a white color or little grey.


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I'm afraid that one's too big to be reasonable. Also it's such a smooth texture, it's hard (for me at least) to distinguish a difference between that, and a solid color like #EFEFEF. But I'm all in for the others.

By the way, do you happen to have a PNG version of the "Gray Ash" background?

Hey! i wanted to know exactly how you where able to add the wallpaper? could i possibly add a faded picture of my family for example as my wallpaper instead?
thanks, Rain
(Correction i want it as the paper wallpaper, not the background one. thank you)

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sorry, after the background problem is sloved , I found out t new problem ----------printing!
what I expected it like this ( cuck-1.png)

( I set the paper in musescore in A4 size already )

but the result is like this (gosh.png)

problem list
- it cuts the copyright
-how come it is not full-size ( I expected the background is all yellow )( anyway, whatever what colour you call that, just not A4's white )

I tried the following way , but still not wroking
-checked the size of the paper size settings in musescore software
-checked the size of the pre-view before the printing, it said it is A4
-I even tried : change the paper size settings in musescore into Ä4 small "------> it still the same ( like gosh.png)

What should I do ???/
(by the way , I am very sure that The size of the paper in the gosh.png is a A4 size paper )


(sorry, I am a quite talktive and "typetive "person,sorry for being annoying )
(gosh why making a score it such difficult)

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