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• Apr 27, 2016 - 15:07

When marking up a vocal score I use a tick or check mark to indicate a breath. This is common usage in the UK in my experience. The ‘apostrophe’ mark is used to indicate a break shorter than the ‘tramlines’ caesura.
Would it be possible to include the ‘tick mark’ in the palette as an alternative breath mark alongside the apostrophe? I know it is available in Dingbats under Special Characters.


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OK, the corressponding glyph is breathMarkTick, names "Breath mark (tick-like)", it is available in Bravura at least. As far as I can see it is missing in Emmentaler and Gonville, but once added there it should be easy to add it to the breath palette (it is available in the Symbols palette already)

While at it we could also add the other 2 additional breaths (breathMarkSalzedo, breathMarkUpbow) and the other 2 additional caesuras (caesuraShort, caesuraThick), so we have the full set supported by SMuFL


Feel free to enter this as a feature request in the issue tracker

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Old thread, but I hope this is an appropriate place. In the attached file, I want to indicate that the singer should inhale because she has to make it from 6 - 19 in one breath. Is the V the way to do this?

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