Add Tick Mark to Breath Marks in palette

• Apr 28, 2016 - 10:00
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The ‘Tick’ or ‘Check’ mark (✓) is often used to indicate a breath when marking up vocal music. Could it be added to the drop-down palette alongside the ‘Comma’ mark?
See this discussion:


And while at it add the other bretahs and causuras that are in SMuFL too:
Problem is that these glyphs are currently only available in Bravura, before adding them to the palette for general use, they'd need to get added to Emmentaler and Gonville too, or a fallback mechanismn needs to be put into place for Musical Fonts, just like it is in place for Musical Text Fonts already.
Adding them to the palette is easy, and I'd have a PR ready in no time (see above Image), but I'd need help on the Fonts issue.

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Hmm, actually it isn't that simple, as we'd need to maintain backward compatibility, so we can still read scores created with MuseScore versions that had only that 1 breath (actually 2, for historical reasons, not shown) and those 2 caesuras.

You can see the 4 caesuras Bravura and SMuFL provide in the image (which is cout of at the right a bit, click on it to see it completly). Your's would be the 2nd (exists already) of 4th (exists in the symbol palette, but not yet in the breaths and caesuras palette
That Image BTW shows a problem with the placement of the caesuras, at least in Bravura, they should be on the top line, crossing it , not above. Reported in #95616: Caesuras positioned 1sp too high by layout code, and specified to be 1sp too low in MScore/Emmentaler font

The corresponding glyphs are missing in Emmentaler and Gonville, they'd either need to get added there, or we need a proper fallback to Bravura

On a lot of my (beginner) recorder scores, the breath marks are 'ticks' as shown above. As far as I can see they usually they sit just above and to the left of the bar line, as in the attachment. It would be great to have some mechanism for adding them relative to bar lines rather than notes, or right-aligned against a measure, a small distance above the top of the stave -- either would have much the same effect.

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