Guitar glissandi (slides)

• Apr 28, 2016 - 18:36

This is not really a MuseScore question but a general question on notation so my apologies if I am not using the forum appropriately. Could anybody tell me what the convention is in guitar music for notating a slide with the same finger from one fret to another, without plucking the second note? Is it just a line or a line and a slur? I ask that because some publishers use lines between two notes (not always adjacent) to indicate the use of the same finger, which is not my intention; I'm after an actual glissando. Many thanks in deed.


Indeed, most likely, there are some differences between publishers (too long to verify all sorry)

Thus, here's what Elaine Gould wrote about this in "Behind Bars":

For now, I do not understand what you mean when you write "I'm after an actual glissando" ?

Hi Cadiz1, thank you for your prompt response. What you had posted was exactly what I was after which has answered my question so many thanks in deed. I think what Elaine Gould has suggested makes sense and makes the intention of the composer/editor very clear and I'll stick to that in my scores. Once again thank you very much.

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