2.0 incorrectly displaying 1.3 files

• May 10, 2016 - 05:55

My v1.3 .mscz files are displaying incorrectly in 2.0. What can I do. I have uninstalled 1.3 is it safe to reinstall and if so where do I find the download (I looked on sourceforge and couldn't identify which download I needed to choose. I chose a tar.bz file but it did not have any exe files in it and was not sure what to do.

Or can I do something to make my files work in 2.0. It would be a real trial to have to redo my 25 old files.

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On Windows there is no need to uninstall 1.3, when installing 2.0, they do coexist peacefully and can even run at the same time.. Whatever got installed last is the default app to open mscz files via double-click, but you can still open 1.3 files from MuseScore 1.3's open file Dialog.
A tar.bz file would probably be the sources, nothing you'd really need. If you want to install 1.3 again, look at https://musescore.org/en/download#Older-versions -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/mscore/files/mscore/MuseScore-1.3/ and the .exe or .msi file there, or go for a portable app at https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/MuseScore%20Portabl…

As to the 2 Images: I don't see fundamental differences, except for the E vs E7 in the 2nd system.
But better share the real mscz file.

2.0 can read 1.3 files, and in general they'd belooking the same orbetter, only some more advanced Manual tweaks (possible needed in 1.3 as workaouds) may not make it into 2.0 properly.
If it is only 25 files, just go over them one by one in 2.0 and clean them up as needed.

What is missing is the "m" for all the minor chords eg Dm. I guess I will go for clean up - not a trivial task on 25 files.

FYI most of those download links, despite saying musescore 1.3 actually download 2.0.

Thanks for the reply,


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Ah, yes, Dm vs D and Am vs. A too. Seem to indicate some bogus use of chord symbols in 1.3, that now in 2.0 Comes back to haunt you?
If you show the file we could verify.

And as said, it is is only 25 files (and as short as the one you showed), this isn't going to be a big deal. I have more than 400, so I'll do them one by one as needed.

Which of those links would download 2.0?

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