MIDI Output Wrong?

• Jun 14, 2011 - 14:44

MuseScore Version 1.0
Windows 7

I have completed a song last February as a birthday present representing my grandfather and attempted to export as a midi file. The midi file export itself was successful rhythm and pitch wise, but the instruments in some staves are unchanged while others are changed. Could someone please explain this? I am attaching a copy of the mscz file as well as the midi file. Ignore the word "new" on the midi file, I made two copies after I tried changing something on MuseScore, which failed to work as well.



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My Grandfather.mscz 52.18 KB
My Grandfather New.mid 26.34 KB


When I uploaded it and played it by clicking on the attachment, it sounds more accurate than on windows media players interpretation. There are still some bugs as well though.

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What do you mean by some instrument are changed and other not ? If you are talking about the sound, it's totally normal and all instrument sounds are changed when you play the file in MuseScore or the MIDI file in Windows Media player. It's the nature of MIDI.

MIDI is not sound. To sum up, it's a list of pitch and duration. A MIDI file says "from this time to this time plays a A". To play a MIDI file, a computer used a synthesizer. In MuseScore, the synthesizer is included in the software and you can change the sounds via a soundfont file. In Windows Media player, it's another synthesizer, and so other sounds.

If you want to have the same thing outside and inside MuseScore, you should save as Wave, Ogg or Flac. See File format

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No, I mean the GM instrument has completely changed, for example, on MuseScore's mixer function with Fluid R3 it stated the instrument was "Trombone", but when listening to the midi through Windows Media Player, I recognized the trombone part not as the trombone sound, but as the Tubular Bell sound.

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