Keep it simple!

• Jun 17, 2011 - 21:09

Just my two cents...

MuseScore is a great piece of software, and I think its two most valuable features are:

1. its price and
2. its ease of use and
3. its low cpu weight

Do what you like, but PLEASE don't do anything that could make harm to these precious features. If you do, PLEASE do whatever you can to keep the older versions available and usable even on the most recent computers and OS.


As you can see, the two most valuable features of MuseScore are three most valuable features. This is just one more great feature! :)

In reply to by Thomas

Thomas: «Did anything trigger you to post this?»

Not really. I just hate how as soon as one gets accustomed to something great, someone else decides to ruin it in some way. Looks like a sort of nasty fate. MuseScore is GREAT, and I'm getting accustomed to it. Please don't ruin it. I would like a stable release of the world...

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