Chords and ties on keyboard entry

• Jun 21, 2011 - 01:19
S4 - Minor

I looked for something posted on this particular bug, but didn't see anything. Under MS 1.0 (and 1.1 r4387) if you enter new note to a chord followed by +, the existing note on the following chord will disappear leaving the tie behind, and the new note will replace it.

1. Create a new score.
2. Enter C, + to create two C notes tied.
3. Cursor left and enter shift-A, + to create a chord CA
4. On the next chord, the C will disappear (leaving the tie).

See for the pictures. I don't have them to post anymore.


To clarify - step 3, you mean to cursor left back to the *first* chord.

In 2.0, the C is still removed, but the tie is no longer left behind. So it's less of a bug. I was looking at this code and am not sure if this behavior should be changed - I could imagine situations where you *want* the next chord replaced. I have a pending PR to address a couple of other tie issues. I can see exactly where I could also 'fix" this issue, if we decide this really is the desired behavior often enough to be worth the change.

Here is the proposed PR as is:

Status (old) active fixed

I ended up changing the PR to treat "+" in this context as similar to "Shift+letter" - thus adding the note to the chord without changing its duration, then tying the two chords together. So you end up with C+A on the first beat, C+A again on the second, both notes tied.