Jump to specific page, measure, or rehersal mark from status bar or navigator pane

• May 24, 2016 - 05:34

(Posting this here to hammer out details before sending it as feature request in the issue tracker)

In the status bar, there are *two* places where a measure number is displayed, both on the right and on the left. It would be very helpful to be able to click on one of those numbers and type in the measure number you wish to jump to instead of scrolling through your score.

Related, it would be useful to have something in the right side of the navigator pane which displays the current page number and can has previous/next page buttons and the ability to jump to an arbitrary page number. This box could also have a dropdown menu of rehearsal marks and display the current measure, if rehearsal marks exist, as [rehearsal mark]+#measures. Any measure before the first rehearsal mark would be "beginning"+#measures.


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Thanks for the Ctrl+F tip! It looks like your GSoC project is more for the large-structure of the piece and Ctrl+F covers all the functionality I was looking for in this request.

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Being able to jump to a section and to a 'relative' or 'real' measure number (the next measure with the actual number 'N, strarting from current measure) might be helpful too, like sN and rN

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Just helpful! Thank you!

I'm wondering why MuseScore Handbook doesn't mention anything about this Ctrl-F function!
I believe it must be known at the very first phase by MuseScore learners!
I found the Search Measure (Ctrl-F) in Edit pulldown menu (not GoTo or Jump...)(I use Windows),
but unfortunately it doesn't seems there's info about specific Section, Relative/Real measure functions.
How can you aware of these special functions other than real measure number?

I strongly want these functions should be described in Handbook.

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Thank you for the link and sorry for bothering you (all).
My trials to "Search in Handbook" weren't good enough.

As for me, I use only a few Ctrl-/Alt- keys (because of my poor memory)
and instead, use pull down menu a lot.
And I use MuseScore Japanese version...

I'd be happy if Find/Go_To function would be described under "Edit" pull down menu description in the Handbook,
or maybe new "Navigation" pull-down menu would be created on the edit-score screen.

As for now, I don't understand anything about GSoC project.

Anyway, thank you and my apologies.

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So you mean Edit menu is totally different from Edit mode, right?
I don't deny the description in the Menu Mode in Handbook, but,
I'd suggest that this kind of confusing wording is annoying for users.
It should be worth to be consider...
I'd like description about "pull down menus" to be added into the Handbook.
That's kind to users. There should be a link to the Find/GoTo in Navigation page.
(I'm not very much satisfied it's under Edit menu, though).

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Yes, edit mode is nothing to do with the Edit menu. Unfortunately "edit" as a menu is standardized, something pretty much common across all applications as the place to put really basic things like copy & paste commands. Programs that do more sophisticated editing generally do so through others means, but unfortunately, the most logical name for this does happen to already be duplicated by a standard menu.

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I totally agree.
You understand well about what Edit pull down have been in Windows history.

Although one thing could be perfect for a person,
it could not be for others (like me who often use pull down menu).

Just another proposal: The cursor location pane to be implemented.
It always shows during editing a score, and you can overwrite the [measure : beat] in the pane
and it brings you where you want to go.

Thank you for the (hopefully) fruitful discussion.

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