How to select totally everything?

• May 28, 2016 - 11:15

Hello everybody! What a wonderful program! What a wonderful community! I have just started using it and am already amazed that I can apply color to virtually everything, including beams and so on! A feature, that I really needed and which I haven't seen so far.
Just could anybody please let me know, how to select totally everything? I mean, when I press ctrl+a, it selects all the notes alright, but is there a way to select everything, including, bar lines, clefs, key sharps/flats and time signature?


Not exactly, but that wouldn't normally be a useful thing to do, either. For example, if you want to delete everything, Ctrl+A is all you need - that followed by Ctrl+Delete deletes all measures. You don't need to have the clefs or barlines etc selected for that - the delete measures command automatically does the right thing. What is it you are actually trying to accomplish?

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Thank you for replying guys! So the point of all that is that I have been trying to make a score, prepared for CNC milling machine. So I need different heights, in order for a milling software to be able to differentiate which vector should be milled with, say, height X and which with height Y. I need to make music element different from lines in terms of color. So I want lines be on one height, and all of the notes, accidentals, clefs etc. to be a different height, so I need lines to be one color and everything else - a different color. I do this relief music score for my blind friends, who want to know how stave music notation looks like.
It is not a problem for me to select clefs manually after all, I just wanted to know if there is a way to select them automatically.

I was also wondering how that would be possible, especially since the "join scores" is currently not available in Musescore 3 and I am trying to copy and paste different movements of a piece in the same project. "Ctrl+A" selects the notes but not time signatures, special barlines and so on.

Is there a solution ?

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