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• May 28, 2016 - 15:31

I'm using a Mac. How do I delete a score? Thanks so much.


As another file, such as a text document: Right click -> delete or open the scores folder and delete it.
Drag it to the Recycle Bin, located at the end of the Dock. Or, select the file and press Command (⌘) -Delete.

Thanks, but I tried both dragging to Trash and Command + Delete and neither worked. It's still there. Right click does not work on these files. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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I'm talking about a score that I created and saved in MuseScore. There is too much incorrect about it, and I need to delete it and start over. There doesn't appear to be a bug on my Mac that prevents me from using drag to Trash. It works with files outside of MuseScore.

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I guess if the file is still open in MuseScore, that might prevent the delete from working. So be sure to close the file. In fact, close MuseScore. If you still have trouble deleting the file with MuseScore closed, there is no way this could be anything MuseScore is doing wrong, and maybe the next step is to find someone else who is a Mac expert to look over your should to see what might be going wrong.

None of these answers work for me or make any sense at all. Call Apple? That's the best you've got? Will they understand MuseScore? Probably not. I'm having trouble with this too.

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You wrote:
Call Apple? That's the best you've got?

Hmm... don't mix apples with oranges (or, more precisely, apples with windows).
The OP (original poster) is on a Mac. (Although file delete procedures are similar.)
This link:
shows you are trying to delete a score on a Windows Surface, yes?
Then please answer the questions there.
(Also, for Windows, you would need to call Microsoft rather than Apple ;-)

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