"Acciaccatura" After a Note

• Jun 6, 2016 - 11:53

I am quite new with musescore and have few questions. I will really appreciate your help for all my concerns.
The first one is about Grace Note looking like an Acciaccatura that followed a Note in Baroque music.
As you can see on the attached score, I had to create an extra voice to fix this issue. In Musescore Acciaccatura are always in front the Note. Is there another way to write it?
Many thanks for your help.

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FWIW< there is really no musical reason this should be written as an acciccatura. Modern practice in my experience is to notate this without the slash. But yes, I agree we should eventually support this style of notation anyhow.

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In Persian music notation it's used quite frequently. The symbol of acciaccatura is used for a certain ornament whether it's before or after a note.
There are several different sheet music traditions coexisting, each with its own rules and customs, which might be strange or funny to those used to other traditions like western classical sheet music notation. So what is completely unnecessary or wrong for one person might be needed in daily use for the other. Until now I was able to use Musescore for many of my Persian or Turkish notation needs, but some workaround are very time consuming and some situations were not solvable until now.

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