Bracketing notes together

• Jun 14, 2016 - 16:38

Is there a way to bracket two notes together to indicate they are to be sung by the same part? In the example attached, the two lowest notes (Bb and Eb) in the bottom stave Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 16.27.31.png are to be sung by the 2nd basses. I made the bracket out of 3 lines taken from the palette, but it was a bit fiddly shortening then and rotating them to fit.


Revisiting this topic - what if I wanted to put the bracket to the right of the chord, for instance if there were accidentals to the left of it? The arpeggio bracket can’t be “flipped”.

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Thanks for replying. Unfortunately the “play with left hand” bracket found by searching for “hand” is not re-sizeable, so is not what I’m looking for. The same applies to the other brackets I found in the Symbols section of the Master Palette.

Here’s another example using the arpeggio bracket:

Ideally I’d like a resizable right-hand square bracket.

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If you are looking for a right hand bracket, it is as easy as using staff text and pressing the ] key on your keyboard. You can adjust the font size to make it as large as you like and drag it to where you want it. When you are happy with its location and size you can ctrl-shift drag it to the next note and only need to move it up and down to line up with the chord.

I show various font sizes for examples below.


(click on the picture to show the last bracket)

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