Save playback speed with each file?

• Jun 15, 2016 - 22:19

I have a song that plays in 4:4 time, as per the sheet music. But it plays too slow. I can correct it by setting the speed in the play panel, but I have to reset the speed every time I start MuseScore, or even if I reopen the same file during a session. Is there a way to save the tempo/playback speed along with the file?
I also noticed that the Italian words affecting tempo are gone. (Allegro, adagio, legato, etc.)


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Well I understand what you say, but you could also change the BPM in the previous version (1.3). In the text menu box. When you selected say, "Adagio" there was also a box to the right that showed the default (72) BPM, but you could change it to anything, by either using the up/down arrows or typing in a value directly. I think it was nice to have the text menu so that you could easily add the Italian words to the score just as they appeared on the sheet music you were following. I think it's less convenient that this was removed from the new version, so I suppose I will have to make a custom palette of some kind.

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You don't have to if you don't want. Just enter the tempo nromally (as a metronome marking), then edit it to change it to whatever Italian (or Greek, or Chinese, or whatever) word you like. But sure, if there is a set of Italian words you like and use a lot, you are welcome to create a custom palette for them.

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