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• Jun 16, 2016 - 18:41

This is an FYI for anyone having this trouble as much as a bug report. After spending several hours working on a piece yesterday (and saving frequently), I opened Musescore this morning to find that everything I worked on yesterday was missing. I searched the save files and the autosave backups to no avail. After much searching and panicking I discovered what happened. It turns out that the file had been saved properly just in the wrong spot. Instead of overwriting the previously created file in the score directory, Musescore saved it under a bizarre name in the home directory (I'm using Linux). But my work was safe so if you're having a similar trouble it might be worth searching you computer for .mscz files and see if they wound up in weird places.

It looks like instead of inputting the path correctly, Musescore replaced all the slashes with underscores which dropped in the home directory.

Version 2.0.1 for Linux
OS Fedora 22


Yes, this happens for any file recovered aftewr a crash, in order to prevent you from accidentally overwriting the original in case the recovered version is not good.

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Many programs I've used give recovered files no name at all, and force you to choose a location, exactly as if it were a never-saved document created using File / New. Since we apparently do have access to the name and locatin of the original, it does seem we could do better, but I'm not sure what the "right" answer is.

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You know there are many options used in the software world. I've seen saving to a different directory once before but it strikes me as unfriendly to the user.

I prefer to have the original file renamed in place before writing the recovered file, original name has something appended to it before the extension.

I could accept giving the recovered filename an appended doodad before the file extension.

If the current behavior is going to stay in place a while, I suggest it needs to be in the handbook. I don't find it there, nor at

Which I am planning to do.

Thanks for the info. I can see the value of saving under a different filename to avoid saving a corrupted file over a good one. However, does it have to save in a completely different location? The manual mentions backups in the original folder and an autosave folder but this saves in a third location. Even documentation on where to look would be helpful.

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