Octave markings

• Jun 23, 2016 - 14:17

I think it would be a great thing if Musescore added an 8va and 8vb line in the "line" part of the palette instead of the plain "8". I know you can change it, but that process is normally extremely tedious and long because I have so many of those in my music.


Indeed, you can change it.
So, when the text change was done in Line properties, simply drag and drop the two new lines in the Palette lines eg (by holding on Crtl + Shift, assuming you have a customized workspace) for reuse later one time for all.
The only limitation for now: you cannot add them by double-click, only by drag and drop onto the score. Nevertheless, note it is possible, if you have "so many of those", to easily duplicate the first one added on the score, with the same previous commands, ie drag and drop with Ctrl + Shift.
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It's actually much simpler:

Just go to Style / General /. Ottavas, and turn off the "numbers only" option. All ottavas present and future for this score will be changed to 8va etc.

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Indeed. So, to summarize, and by using double-click.

1) Add in a palette the new lines (8va...., 8vb....)
2) For reuse: double-click these lines in the palette, x times, as needed.
3) When all done: Style -> General -> Hairpins, Volta, Ottava -> Untick "Numbers only" -> Ok.

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