Bends (specifically downward bends)

• Jun 29, 2016 - 06:29

How do I create a bend that starts on the note I want, and then it just bends to a lower pitch? The only "bend" option that I see is the one that says "full" which is set to bend to a higher pitch. Please help.


In Bend properties (right-click on the bend, or in Inspector -> Button "Properties"), choose either Prebend (and by adjusting down the final point), ie
either the Prebend-Release (default position in the second image below), depending your expectation.
Prebend Release.jpg

I did a kluge that worked for me to fall off the notes I wanted and also appear correct on the score.

  1. Add a bend to your notes. Select the the bend itself and hit F8 (Properties Inspector).
  2. Adjust the bend to the shape you want. When you alter the chart, the "Bend Type" automatically changes to "Custom". Every 2 horizontal lines is a half step. There are 12, so maximum bend is an augmented 4th. In my example, the note falls a 4th (10 lines).
  3. I uncheck the "Visible" box to hide the crazy bend thing from my printed score. Add the "Fall" symbol from the "Arpeggios & Glissandi" menu.
  4. The notes on the staff are the target notes i.e. the resultant notes at the end of the bend. Which is NOT how a fall should be notated. The trick is to go into the "Staff/Part properties" (by right click on any measure of that part) and transpose the part so that (when "Concert Pitch" is off) the part looks like what it is doing in the playback. In my case, since I fall a 4th, I transpose down a perfect 4th.
  5. Here's is where it get more klugey. Because I don't have a bend on every note on the part, I added the same instrument again (guitar in my case) just to play back the bending notes, a part NOT to be printed. On the part that will print, the bent notes are noted how I want, then selected and hit F8, then uncheck the "Play" box.
  6. This work for me because I bend only a few notes and the rest of the part was already entered. But..
  7. You might be able to do the same thing with an instrument change during your bent notes. I didn't experiment with changing to the same instrument only transposed, because I already spent too much time on this crazy issue, which should be enhanced later anyway.

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