MuseScore Songbook (Android): Opening a song from a filemanager duplicates song list entry

• Jul 15, 2016 - 08:02

Every time I open a file from a file manager (I use TotalCommander) or from a link in a local file, a new entry in Songbook's song list is created. So I end up with multiple entries in the song list for the same song that I have to delete manually.
Apart from that the song is displayed correctly.


Isn't that normal / standard / usually desirable behavior? I don't see how the app would know you were literally opening the same file, not another one of the same name, or an updated version of the previous one.

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For the moment, this is the intended behavior and not a bug.

Opening a score from a file explorer in Musescore Songbook will copy it to the MuseScore songbook local storage and add it to the internal database of the songbook. It will do it every time you open a song. We might consider to change this behavior to let the user choose if he wants the song to be saved or not. It's on our roadmap.

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