Can bends be voice-specific?

• Jul 22, 2016 - 15:16

Bends seem to apply to the playback of all notes in all voices under the duration of the bend (see attached file):


Is there any chance that this could be changed so that user can specify the bend to one voice only?

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This question has been asked several times in the forum and never gets an answer. Can I just get a yes or no so that I can deal with it one way or another. It seems strange that a bend wouldn't be voice specific.

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Prior to MIDI 2.0 (I believe that) Pitch Bend messages affect all notes on the channel on which the bend is sent.

Therefore I think, in MuseScore, currently the only solution would be to channelize data so bent notes are on one channel and unbent notes are on a sepearate channel.

Get's trickier when you have bends of differing extents or heading in opposite directions, which is a guitarable situation, or something attainable on a Roli-style keyboard that detects bend per note.

Keep an eye on MIDI 2.0 solutions!


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You don't need to wait for MIDI 2.0. Aftertouch (Poly-pressure) messages provide specific changes for each key.
Poly-pressure messages are adjustable for pitch, volume, modulation or a different control.
This needs to be defined in the Musescore synthesizer and program coding (it may already be defined in the synthesizer, but the software must support it as well). If someone from the coding and development team (or participants) wants to make an improvement on this issue.

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