Where's the Music Box Instrument?

• Jul 23, 2016 - 18:07

I want to write a Music Box score, so I downloaded and installed the recommended Timbres Of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V 3.2 Final.sf2, which (according to the text file) has a Music Box. I've now got it as the default soundfont, but in my score when I right-click on the staff and go to Staff Properties > Change Instrument > All instruments? I can't find it, even when I search for "box". What am I doing wrong?


A music box is not an actual instrument you can actually write music for - there is no way for a human performer to play written music for it - so it is not defined as an Instrument. You can however choose an actual instrument lie Synthesizer or really anything you like and then use the Mixer to assign it a music box sound if your soundfont provides one you like.

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Oh! Okay, I've used the Celesta and told the Mixer that it's a Music Box, that seems to work -- now if I understand correctly, if I save and run the mscz on a different computer on which MuseScore's using the default FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 soundfont, it'll sound like a celesta again? (Not a problem, they're pretty similar, just want to make sure I understand this.)

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