Multiple scores on one sheet?

• Aug 10, 2011 - 21:07

Is it possible for me to place several different smalls scores in a single file and print it?



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That leads to a tutorial that might be outdated. For instance, it instructs me to use: Create> Measures> Add time but no such menu item exists.

It would be nice if it were rewritten for the current version, starting with a nice overview that describes the approach that will be used rather than building on previous exercises that we may no have done. If I can puzzle it out at some point, I'll do that and post it here.

To me, the article should now read something like this (and will when I write it and verify the facts):

While MuseScore does not support multiple separate scores on the same page, you can simulate this by appending a new score on a new line and spacing it downward with a Vertical Frame. You can add new key and time signatures to the subsequent sections to complete the appearance. Starting with an existing score which will be the first on the page, add scores as follows:

1) Add a measure to the end with Create -> Measures -> Append Measure or ctrl-B.

2) Select that new measure, and use Create -> Measures -> Insert Vertical Frame to add space between it and the previous staves.

3) Insert your next score into that new measure with Copy & Paste (or write it as new). You will probably have to correct the barlines at the beginning and end of each score when you are done.

4) You cannot add another title, but you can simulate it by creating system text, moving it into the right position and styling it like the main title. Do this by right-clicking it and setting the font properties (24pt is the default title).

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4) is unecessary. Right click the frame, Add -> Title (subtitle etc... if needed)

To be complete the tutorial could explain how to get ride of the courtesy key changes, natural in key change, and time change.

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The title wasn't working for me before, but I restarted MS and now it does. To be accurate, my observation is that it creates a second title for the first score (the only score, actually, since there's really only one) which you can then drag to a different place on the page. The new Vertical Frame has no particular meaning.

I haven't done it yet with a key change but I will eventually. If someone else wants to post about that, great. The above version is definitely streamlined.

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Did a how to for the MuseScore 2.0 ever develop?

I'm trying to do this type of thing with key changes, and with a re-iteration of the time signature, and, while I can set any changes to staves and/or time/key signatures on the last measure of the first 'movement' to invisible, it still takes up space, so the 'first double-bar' doesn't line up with the end of the staff.


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