Problem with ledger lines being on top of the stems!! Can I fix it?

• Aug 5, 2016 - 19:39

Hi everybody. Found such a problem. As you may see from the picture, for some reason all the ledger lines lie on top of the stems! This is wrong, as you can see with solid lines everything is fine - all the stems are on top of the lines, but when we have ledger lines, then for some reason those lines are drawn over stems. What to do? The thing is I do a 3d score and this thing is critical.
Please help.

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Seems like the order in which things are dranw is staff lines, stems, ledger lines, note heads, and what is needed here is staff lines, legder lines, spems, noteheads. I don't think this is something you can do anything about, but is a Job for the programmers to fix the stacking order

Since there are no rules for this, there is no correct or incorrect about it. The order in which we draw things is often important for various reasons that have nothing to do with how it looks when producing experimental scores. I'd say, if you need a different scheme, try exporting to SVG and doing the coloring in a program that specializes in that sort of thing.

I think the best answer depends on what you do to convert this score to 3D.

I think Marc's suggestion is on the right track. There are other applications that can manage the display priority after the score has been generated.

You should be able to File>Export your score to suit that application. From there you can separate your elements into groups, either by moving all elements of a particular color to a "layer"or by grouping all elements of that color and moving the group to the "front" or "back".


The exact steps and intermediate applications would depend on how you plan to render your score into 3D. I assume you must be planning to do that outside Musescore.

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I'd be surprised if ArtCAM couldn't select your ledger lines and bring them to the front, or set their display priority, or adjust the z value by a tiny amount, or set their z-order . It can depend on the paradigm the software operates under.

If not perhaps Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator ($$$) or similar could do it.

I'd also expect that ArtCAM will read SVG files directly as Marc suggested.

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