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• Aug 10, 2016 - 12:52

Hi .
Just installed the note names plugin (Bottom to Top)
and am having a few problems with it.
I have tried a couple of times to alter the plugin, to vertical , requiring the separator to be changed to "\n", which i did, and restarted . The note names have changed position, however, when used on a chord( in either horizontal or vertical ) the first and second note do not show a separator, hence they display as side by side, and the third note is stacked below. note names issue.png

Same issue if it try to use a separator such as "-" , ill get AC#-E-

is this a bug with the "Jojo-Schmitz-notenames-02c26d8" plugin ?


Just did the same code edit to "Jojo-Schmitz-notenames-3ca01c3" and that works.

Now how do i adjust the position of the note names so that they are higher up and out of the way of the notes on the staff ?? note names issue 2.png

Any ideas folks ?

To me for the bottom2top version doesn't make sense to use \n as a separator, as then the note names are stacked differently from the notes in the chord.

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No it doesnt . Initially i was using that plugin horizontally , but then read about it being able to be used vertically and tried it , and discovered that problem ( but noticed that there wasnt a separator between the first two notes in horizontal mode). As you imply it works much better with th other version - a better representation of the chord . Now i just need to work out how to raise the text for all of the chords. Any idea how to do that ?

look at the text.pos.y settings (for the different voices, and for notes and grace notes, and adjust those, esp. those for voice 1 and 3 (case 0 and 2)

ok - I'm not sure if there is going to be problem with me doing it this way, but i just did a text style - Staff- edit of the vertical offset ( -6 staff space) and it moved everything into a working place.

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