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• Aug 11, 2016 - 11:18

This connects with an earlier post. Another instance has occurred where a file has closed without prompting me to 'Save'. My changes were lost. I attach the file although it is working correctly as I write. Last time people replied saying it can't happen. It did.

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In order to help, we would need you to post precise steps to reproduce the problem. So, I assume we start by loading your file and then making some changes to it, then close the file. I tried it (selected a measure and pressed up arrow as my change) and it works as expected: immediately upon edit an asterisk appeared next to the score name to indicate a change is pending, and when I qttempted to close the file withut saving, a prompt appeared.

Is there some specific series of steps you can list that will cause this to fail?

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Thanks. The file was behaving correctly when I sent it just as a car never rattles when the mechanic sits by you. The sporadic nature of this problem is the most puzzling. I'll TRY and note the precise steps but the problem happens without warning. I have experienced a couple of instances in MuseScore where the file in question turned out to have two locations, which might be a pointer.

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If you ever do a a "Save As" or "Save a Copy", then indeed there will be two locations, and you will need to track which one is which yourself - computer programs do not automatically update both copies when you save a file. Also, is MuseScore ever crashes while you are working on a score, the next time you start the program, it will offer to recover any scores you were working on when the crash occured, but when you save a recovered copy, it will indeed save to a different location to avoid overwriting the last known good copy with a recovered one that may or may not be good. So again, you will need to make sure you open the correct copy - or use "Save As" when saving the recovered if you do feel confident the recovered copy is good, and then explicitly save over the original (and confirm when asked).

However, in jone of these cases will MuseScore ever allow you to close a file without prompting you to save it. The only way that would happen is if MuseScore crashes, and again, you will then be prompted to recover the file on the next startup.

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I've been doing 'Save As' and 'Save A Copy' since 1988 so I know how things work, both on Macs and, later, on Windows. I don't recall the computer's crashing being a potential cause and certainly not during the current procedure. Scientifically, of course, one should never say that 'this' or 'that' could never happen, however unlikely it may appear to be.

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