Create new TAB for 8 string guitar

• Aug 16, 2016 - 18:42


I am an 8 string guitar player and i can manage to do 8 string TABs. But it takes a while to add strings, tunings etc.

I managed to do A new instrument in instruments.xml but it shows only 6 strings. How can I change it to become 8 strings by default?



"But it takes a while to add strings, tunings etc."

Well, not really (rather not at all!) when you are accustumed.

The solution is to create your own templates reusalbe when you want.
Here these templates:
1) the first, with standard staff + non linked Tab staff: Template 8 strings NL..mscz
2) the second, with linked Tab staff (don't know what you prefer): Template 8 strings Link..mscz

For the tuning, I choose D2 (7th string) and B1 (8th string). It's rather a standard tuning for this type of instrument, but, in reality, you do according to your wish or your practice. So, to change this tuning: go in Staff properties -> Edit string data etc.

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