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How do I express a meter of a tune that has 4 lines of 8’s and 4 lines in the chorus? The Chorus is

I cant look for such a tune without it.

I have searched by the lyrics.



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Thank you.
I will give and exampl:- 66 86 is called Short Meter, and is abbreviated SM. So the problem I have is that peace of a hymn has all 4 lines; the lyrics are 8 and the line in the Chorus is "8 6 8 6. so it would not be an "SM". Getting t5he answer would allow me to search for an appropriate tune for the hymn.

Wena Parry
South Wales, U.K.

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It's still not clear what you are asking. Are you asking how to put the text "8 6 8 6" into your score? I'd probably use Staff Text. Are you asking if there exists some sort of sutomatic facility to search scores posted to to find ones that have that text in them? No, there isn't; it's very doubtful many scores posted there include such text. Chances are there are databases out there in the world that contain this sort of information, however; you might try doing a Google search to see what comes up.

I'm not an expert in this, but from my understanding, the metrical indication would be " with Chorus" or " with Refrain".
If you are looking for a way to implement this in the program, Marc Sabatella's comment does a great job explaining how.
If you are looking for a tune for a metered poem, that's a whole different animal entirely. There are probably internet databases of tunes with meter, but I don't know any offhand. I wish you the best of luck.
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Thank you, we have got there, I know of web pages that can provide tunes my mesuer. The problem is that such pages have there own way of identify the mesuer.

"Cyber hymnal," is the place for me. it's the refrain that is the problem, the hymn is in Welsh and English.

Oh, that I was a musician! I could have written a tune!!

By the way schepers, I am a SHE NOT a HE.


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Agreed. The Cyber Hymnal is a great source. I wasn't able to find a way to search by meter (it seems you need to know the tune in advance), but I searched for, and it seems the only tune there is "CHIPPING ONGAR," the one underquark transcribed for MuseScore in this comment . If it fits, that might be of use to you. If not, I 'd be happy to have a go at writing a suitable tune if you'd like.
~Happy trails, Flyingninja77

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Hi underquark and thank you for the tune.
The tune you posted is great, and it’s tempo is just right for the lyrics.
I have put in the lyrics (In English) and they almost fit, It my be my mistake the lyrics almost fit, I am dislecsic.

Or would there me a missing tie in there.

I wonder if you are the composed the tune? Are you prepared to go PM?
What dose the title of it mean?
And if I use it I must think of copyright.

Wena. South Wales. U.K.

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Thanks, O.K
I am posting the tune with it's lyrics (in English) in place.
It looks as if I have one verb short, but that cant be. The problem is to be found at the end of bar 9. May be there should be a tie some where in the script.

I am most grateful for this help. By the way, i have had great help from this forum. The 108 is the number of the hymn that I have attached to the tune.

They will all be in Welsh and English. (they are not my translations)

Wena Parry, South Wales. U.K.

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I think I found the issue. The phrase "I want that pur-ity of thought" begins on the downbeat of m. 10, but should probably start on the pickup (the last beat of m. 9). If you then change "pur-ity" (two syllables) to "pur-i-ty" (three syllables), everything else lines up nicely from then on.
One more note: it seems m. 18, beat 2, has a soprano stem down that should be up. Feel free to change it if this is a problem to you.
~Happy trails, Flyingninja77

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